SONISTO walkthrough video



    First 14 days free

    What's included

    • Add all your plugins to your SONISTO library with a click of a button
    • Edit each product with download links, serial codes etc.
    • All sensitive information is encrypted and stored safely
    • Get 20% off everything in the SONISTO shop (stacks with other discounts!)
    • Free Baby Audio plugin*
    • Free HY-Filter4 from HY Plugins (reg. price $55)
    • Free Instability from Tonerig (reg. price $29)
    • Free Blackhole from Eventide (reg. price $199)
    • Free Stardust 201 Tape Echo from Cherry Audio (reg. price $19)
    • Easy access to everything with clickable links and copy buttons

    How does it work?

    1. 1. Add your plugin library to SONISTO

      Click the SCAN LIBRARY button. This will create a full list of all your plugins.

    2. 2. Add meta data

      Select EDIT PRODUCT INFO and add the meta data you want: Download URL, login codes, serial key or even the picture you want.

    3. 3. Easy access

      Whenever you want to re-install or update your plugins you'll have easy access to everything you need.




    First 14 days free

    *FREE Baby Audio plugin!


    In the last couple of years Baby Audio has cemented themselves as one of the most acclaimed plugin developers in the world - "plugin of the year" in Future Music magazine etc.

    We have acquired 100 perpetual licenses for various Baby Audio plugins.

    If you're among the 100 first subscribers, you can pick any one of the remaining licenses when paying the first $9.99 installment after the 14 free trial period.

    In other words - the faster you sign up, the wider selection you'll have!


    What exactly is this subscription?

    It is a new service that will help you keep track of ALL your plugins. You can add your entire plugin portfolio to SONISTO with a click of a button. You can add username, password, serial key and download URL for each product, with clickable links and copy buttons for super easy access.

    On top of that early adopters get lifetime licenses to some really cool plugins.

    You say it's still being developed - what does that mean?

    It means that it's a reliable product, but still in development. In other words - we'll be adding more features and better usability to this service. We want this to be a service everybody in the music industry wants! Early subscribers are a HUGE help for us in order to get there.

    Is my information safe? After all this is all my passwords, serial keys etc.

    All the sensitive information like passwords, serial keys etc. you save in SONISTO is encrypted.

    Does this affect my installations in any way?

    No! We are aware that installing plugins is a complicated and time consuming process - and that is exactly what we're trying to do something about. We are not changing any installation files with this service - we are simply creating a better overview and easier access to installations and updates.

    I don't like subscriptions - why should I use SONISTO?

    As a basic platform SONISTO is free - and that is not going to change. And for all the products you buy in SONISTO (including the more than 60 freebies!) you can handle downloads, installations etc. in MY LIBRARY. With the subscription you'll get an overview of all the products you didn't buy in SONISTO.

    What happens if I unsubscribe?

    You can unsubscribe at any time. After your subscription period is over, you'll no longer have access to MY SCANNED PRODUCTS in SONISTO. It is very important to note that this HAS NO EFFECT on your plugins or installations whatsoever. It is just the overview that will no longer be accessible. The plugins that you received as part of your subscription is yours for life and will remain in your MY LIBRARY. If you want to unsubscribe, simply send us an email at