Echobox D7

    Echobox D7

    Echobox D7

    Sender Spike
    Sender Spike

    Echo from a certain Japanese stomp-box. Presumably a model of one of the most revered analog tape echos.



    • Delay Time (depending on Range setting)
    • Repeat (Feedback) Values above 5 result in self-oscillation
    • Delay Level (mix of delayed signal with dry signal, not wet/dry!)
    • Range (30-160, 120-650, 480-2600 ms)
    • Mute (“true” bypass in the sense that it also clears the delay buffer, so you get the behavior as with regular stomp-box, i.e. no weird echos that remain in buffer and return right after switching the effect on again as is the rather common case with time based plug-ins, regular DAW bypass however exhibits this awkward behavior)
    • 6x3 manual BPM sync denominators
    • Dry (adjusts the level of the dry signal)
    • Pan (adjusts stereo position of delayed signal for stereo tracks)
    • Cross-fade (feedback crossfade between left and right channels)
    • Mono out (forces dual mono output)
    • Dust (switches the “dirty” mode of delay time control on and off)
    • Ping-pong mode (normal = standard delay, ping = ping-pong starting on left channel, pong = ping-pong starting on right channel)


    • Not supported
    • "N/A"
    • VST2
    • "64 Bit Windows 7 and above"