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    Flower Child Filter

    Flower Child Filter

    Flower Child Filter

    Soundemote Labs

    Flower Child is aptly named for its goal to have a clean and resonant sound. It is the first in an upcoming series of boutique analog-style filters (See FMD). Please visit soundemote.com to learn more.



    While the main goal of the Flower Child is to provide clean, sweet and precise filtering, you can switch to the Dirty algorithm for an aggressive growling version that is sure to cater to your more destructive side.

    The resonant low pass filter is extremely responsive and accurate so very smooth and precise filter motion can be achieved. The same goes for the Filter Envelope Follower, whose attack and decay phases can be controlled individually.

    The Chaos knob introduces noise that interacts with the filter to create everything from straight up noise to complex overtones.


    • VST2 64bit
    • AU 64bit
    • "macOS 10.7 or above"
    • VST2 64bit
    • "64 Bit Win XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 or above"